I have had a very busy time during these last three weeks. I have finally finished my IRP and final essay. My sleeping pattern has been affected and it seems I have not slept well for over sixty hours. During this three week time frame, I have encountered more problems and worked to find solutions. Initially, before I wrote my IRP report, I believed it was not going to be a difficult task. However, I found it difficult to select a topic. My former topic was “marketing ethics” but resources were difficult to find. After that, I chose a different topic “foreign exchange rate affects the marketing profits”. I collected much information about my new topic. I have discovered that if I can collect enough information before commencing the writing, it will be easier to write.

 When I received the draft feedback I found it necessary to change much in my IRP. I spent two days correcting it. Before my final draft was due, I do not sleep for sixty hours.  Undertaking the IRP has allowed me to learn about research, report structure and time management. Secondly, I spent twenty hours writing my exposition draft essay. The exposition essay is a difficult component of the PEP course. I always discuss the draft with Amy before submission. Amy assists me in correcting the grammar. On receiving feedback about my exposition essay, I found my essay structure had many problems. There were more mistakes in the body paragraph. Amy and Faisal gave me advice about my essay where I made changes. I have grown up a lot since commencing this process. Finally, thanks to everyone who have ever assisted me.


For the past two weeks, I have been writing an exposition essay. I was successful as I  accessed some assistance in writing my essay. Initially, , I went to The State Library where  volunteers  assisted in  checking and ensuring   the grammar was correct. I availed myself of this service at The State Library three times per week. Once my draft was studied and  suggestions made to correct the grammar  by a volunteer, I followed their advice and noticed my essay was much improved.  Secondly, my Homestay parents checked my writing in both context and grammar. Jeff , my Homestay Father, assisted  me  by checking  the sentence structure. Jeff offered positive feedback about my sentences. Thirdly, Christine, my best friend,  helped me check the  essay structure. Christine  assisted  as she  amended the structure as she identified more errors which I corrected.  However, I have identified a new  problem with my writing. I did not explain my topic well. On studying my essay further, I found  more mistakes in this area of explanation.  To assist me in  improving the essay, I went to the University Library, and found a  book which was quite helpful. Dave will leave our class in this weekend. Good luck with him.

Connecting to the last blog, I make some plans for increasing my English ability. Firstly, I studied from my essay feedback. I increase my writing ability, because most of common mistakes do not happen in my writing again. But I still read some grammar books when I have some free time. Secondly, I read the newspaper in the morning. I create a new way help me read the newspaper. In beginning, I read the news three times. I just read some words which I knew in first time. After that, I will guess some words which I do not know in second time. In the last, I will use the EE dictionary to help my reading. Finally, I found I save much time in reading and more clearly about the paragraph. Thirdly, I talking with my home-stay parents and taking notes. It helps me increase my listening ability. According to last two weeks, I found a new challenge in my pronunciation. I always make some errors when I pronounce some words. I try to fix the problem in my daily life. My home-stay parents correct my pronunciation in every moment. When I listening some lectures, I also following the professor speaking reading again. There still have more new challenges in the future. I should fix my problems as soon as possible.

According to these ten weeks, I found some new problem on my studying. Firstly, grammar is a serious problem in my writing. I already got my first essay’s feedback. I still got more grammar’s mistake in my essay. In the nine days holiday, I will spend forty hours to increase my grammar ability. Also, Jeff(my home-stay father) help me to increase it. Firstly, I study on my essay feedback. I spent much time in correct it. I look through all mistakes and use the grammar book to correct it. After that, I rewrite my essay. Jeff checking my rewrite paper and fix it. In the second time, I just make a few mistakes. Jeff spent much time explaining my wrong part. It is a useful way for increase my writing ability. Secondly, reading is the other serious problem. When I got my IRW feedback, I am so disappointing in my reading skill. In this nine days holiday, I make some plan to increase my reading ability. I read the newspaper in the morning. I read the first three pages. After that, I select some interesting topic and taking the notes. When I finish my notes, I will write my paragraph. I use the EE dictionary finding a synonym. Finally, I summarize my notes. Jeff will help my fix it. When I saw my feedback, I increase my ability well. Thirdly, when I got my student risk, my listening exam is fail. I make some plan to increasing my listening ability. I talking to my home-stay parents everyday. I take a small handbook. When I talk to them, I will take some notes. Sometimes I can not understanding what are they talking about and lost some key words. I said “pardon”, they will repeat their sentence and explaining some key words to me. Also they will correct my pronunciation, when I talk to them. I am so appreciation, I have these nine days holiday. I increase my English ability and got complete rest. Even I will meet more difficult challenge in the next ten weeks. I believe, I will fight to them until I solve it.

During week five to seven, we had four days holiday. We begin to write our fist english essay in our course. Before I begin the essay, I have full confidence for write that. Because my major in college is management. Writeing essay is not difficult to me. But when I begin my essay, everything is wrong. Firstly, I spent much time in reading the information text. I spent three night in reading. But I can not catch any useful points in reading. Secondly, it is difficult to start my writing. When I done everything for research and plan, I do not know how to write it. I just feel empty in my brain. Thirdly, I lost my confidence in pep. When I join the pep, I do not think I will be fail in this course. But now, I just tell myself everyday”just do anything as you can, do not think too much”. I try to solution all the problem, but I am really tired.

Thanks the God, I have my best friend in here. I told them about my porblem. They give me some advice help me solution the problem. Christna is a Newzeland girl. She is in last year in her master. She give me a hand when I need help. Firstly, she teach me how to reading effectively. Before she teach me, this is a big problem to me. I try to find more information and solution this problem. She teach me how to scan the paper. She said it is an important skill in master. She taught me I should focus on introduction and conclusion. Because academic paper always introduce some main point in there. It is really effectively when I try to scan the paper. After that I save much time in reading. Secondly, she told me”just do it” do not think to more. Just done the draft in first time. After that I could consider the grammar and structure. If I think to more it will be difficult to write. She help me more, she is my best friend in here.

Dany, April , Summer and Grace are also help me recover my confidence. They trust me I can pass it.They graduate the pep on last semester. They have the same problem in pep course. But they still pass the pep course. They suggest me do not think too more, just do everything as I can. I am so happy I have these best friends in here.

According to the last five weeks of PEP course, I found a serious problem in my time management. In the past five weeks, I waste too much time in made a plan. And I found that sometime when I back home, I was not followed my steps. I always do something without my plan. My week plan always failed on Monday. But I change my plan on week sixth. I put more flexibility time in my week plan. And every night before I slept, I check the next day timetable and feedback my day plan. If something lost control I will change it in next week. I follow it done everything in my plan. I believe that can help me control my time well in this 6-20 week of PEP course.

According to this week. I was very tired. Because my week plan is always failed. In the Monday, I want to follow my week plan doing everything, but  our poster had some serious problem happened. Faisal and I want to fix our poster. In Wednesday night, we found some problem in our poster. So we want to chang our topic title. We slove all the problem in that night. We wot’t sleeping in that night. This problem without my plan. In yesterday night, I did my analysis about our issue. I was very tired in that moment. When i finish my analysis it is five o’clock in the morning. But I trust I can solve it”It is not the end of my world”. I will fix my scheduele in week five. I wish, I can control my scheduele in the week five.

  Regarding this matter, in my opinion I think grammar is more difficult for me. I always pay more time to fix it, it still can not corrct. I guess the problem is”I always use the present tense to write everything I want”. In my homecountry, we do not have grammar this situation. I think I will buy a grammar book use my free time to study it. Our teacher Dave suggest us a good book about grammar”The Eentials of English” and I will read it in my week plan flexbility time. I know it is difficult to increase it very soon. I try to do my best to study it as I can.

Before I went to PEP, I studied in GEAP course for ten weeks. In GEAP course, I studied more general English. GEAP still have some academic English but the teacher was not very serious to request. But in PEP, every report will be very serious about using academic English. If I can pass this course, I will join the master course. In PEP the teacher will focus on academic. I done the reporter in my homestay, my home mother told me, I must hard working in this course because it even difficult to them.

  My favorite style about learning was independent learning. I have been here for four months. I reading the topic of newspaper and talk with my home-mother everyday. But my word list was not increase very much. I try to copy twenty words per day to solve this problem.

 Adelaide is a good place for study. In Adelaide you do not have more attractive to affect you. After class, you just back home and doing homework. I still try to find the another way to manage my time effectively.                                  Jui-Yeh, Chang   210210

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